About Us
About Us
IYOTI is a Technology community PORTAL/BLOG supported by several professionals from various areas of Science, Engineering & Technology
What we do
Primary objectives of IYOTI community is to assit members such as young professionals, IoT learners, college students and enthusiasts with application design, development & hosting of innovative solutions in the areas of Internet Of Things(IoT)
What are the costs involved
There are no costs involved for Members as of today to use any of our services, however restrictions on Data usage, Server space and transaction volumes may apply.

If our members need advanced services or private applications to run critical solutions then IYOTI can offer such services via our subscription based model, costs for such dedicated requirements are analyzed in detail and appropriate proposals will be submitted.
Can Members deploy their own code/applications
Yes, members can deploy their own applciations only after detailed review & approval by IYOTY team

IYOTI team will provide deployment and configuration instructions accordingly
How to Contact us
All types of communications with IYOTI team will be via ioHub Portal, emails or other ways as per need basis

By default 24/7 support services are avaiable via ioHub Portal

Typical response time for all support requests will be 2-4 hours.
Security & Reliablity
Entire IYOTI platform is Designed & Managed using Industry leading Web & Cloud based Technologies Dedicated data center & higly secured data storage environments

Members of IYOTI are assured with high Data security, Data Privacy and 99.99% application availability