iYoTi Overview

1. iYoTi Device Hub Architecture

2. Ready to use Framework for Data streaming

3. How to use iYoTi Framework

1. Device Hub is a centralized iYoTi framework, easily integrates with devices via RESTful sevices

2. Using a simple REST endpoint(URL) devices can post data to Device Hub

3. Device Hub stores events Data, perform analytics, do complex event processing & alerts

4. External applciations can consume data from Hub via RESTful endpoints

5. Device Hub can provide limited workspace for Web Apps, custom data formats based on request

6. Limited Web applications/pages cab be deployed using ASP.NET, PHP, HTML5 on request

7. All Device Hub services are free to use once the users are approved, with few limitations/restrictions

1. Send your project details to support@iyoti.com

2. Please provide as mainy details as possible about your project

3. Upon review of details iYoTi will provide secured acces to Device Hub and related support for your project

4. iYoTi can provide help with custom Data formats(JSON/XML), custom webpages(ASP.NET, PHP, HTML5) on request

5. iYoTi can also provide help with custom hardware design or suggestions specific to your project

6. iYoTi response time for support requests will be 2-3 hrs

1. Arduino & all compatible devices

2. All models of Raspberry Pi & related devices

3. Custom Hardware

1. Linux, Windows

2. Python, C/C++, Java, node.js, PHP, HTML/HTML5

3. JSON, XML, FlatFIles and more

4. MS SQL Server, MySQL, mongoDB

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