iYoTi For Home

Everything starts from home, so does hobby electonics and devices.
One of the best ways to learn & implement connected projects is to design, build and install at home, it helps individuals to test various use-cases or specific needs one may have for home automation.
Once you identify a specific device you want to build for home then reachout to us via SEND YOUR IDEA option. We will review your idea/project and provide required assistance.
How iYoTi can help

1. You can request for ready to use iYoTi sensors or build your own

2. Identify & share your connected project idea via iYoTi's "Send Project Idea" link

3. iYoTi team will review your idea and provide asssitance to design & build one

4. You can leverage iYoTi Device Hub to integrate your device end-to-end to create various functions

5. Once your project is completed & tested you can publish project with iYoTi.

iYoTi For You

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